Secure your data and fulfil your compliance obligations.

Get your cutting-edge data protection and compliance All-in-One platform to fulfil all your regulatory obligations without a single code and deploy.

Protect your brand reputation, data assets, prevent data breaches, and avoid compliance incidents.

Data is the new currency of the digital economy.

With modern Privacy laws, regulations, and consumers’ rights, organizations must manage and protect data adequately.

Dataspin is a comprehensive solution to address the privacy governance needs of organizations.

The solution enables customers to manage and protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, from discovery and classification to protection and reporting from a single point.

Dataspin delivers compliance and data protection solutions with four modules.

Data Privacy Manager
Data Discovery Manager
Data Masking Manager
Database Monitoring

Dataspin Data Privacy Manager

Data privacy manager helps organizations meet GDPR requirements by automating privacy impact assessments and data mapping, identifying privacy risks, and enforcing risk management activities in an integrated platform.

Everything in an easy-to-use dashboard, giving you visibility and transparency across the organization.

  • With a single license fee per organization, you can access all the software’s functionality and no limitation on the number of users.
  • It is designed to remove the complexity of compliance for GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA.
  • Discover personal data across multiple systems
  • Automation of personal data removal
  • Identify and track your processing activities.
  • Consolidate all company data protection policies and data processing agreements.
  • Assign tasks and ask your colleagues for feedback.
  • Automated reminders will remind you and them to track actions.
  • Turn data subjects request into an automated workflow
  • Record and report of Data breaches and incidents
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments and risk management for all your processes
  • Respond to authorities with comprehensive reports and audits.

Dataspin Data Discovery Manager

Discover, map and classify personal data in databases and on systems.

With Dataspin Discovery Manager, you can automatically discover the Personal and Sensitive Data Hidden in Your Enterprise Data systems.

Dataspin Data Discovery Manager uses various data discovery rules and algorithms to automate locating sensitive data. Sensitive data discovery checks multiple systems, databases, hundreds or thousands of tables, and millions of data records. It offers pre-built policy templates for PII, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, PIPEDA and GDPR elements, or you can define unlimited types and numbers of custom policies with just a few clicks.

Dataspin can discover structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, both known and unknown, in relational databases (RDBMS) and structured data stores, NoSQL databases, data warehouses, big data Hadoop platforms and on-premises file servers.

  • Get direct insight into your data sources minutes after connecting.
  • Discover where sensitive data and confidential data is located across the organization
  • Support a large number of relational databases on-premises and file systems
  • Classify sensitive and PII Data and apply security policies to secure, audit or mask/redact the findings
  • Searches for database objects that contain sensitive data to create security, audit and masking rules quickly
  • Classifies and categorizes sensitive data
  • Helps to stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Easy to deploy, configure and manage

Dataspin Data Masking Manager

You can mask, redact and encrypt personal data and meet privacy regulation requirements such as “Right to be Forgotten”, “Consent & Data Minimization”, while keeping data access on a need to know basis.

Dataspin Masking manager has Role-based sensitive data masking features in all of databases on-premises. You can anonymize Sensitive Data‎. Dynamic data masking (DDM) is an emerging technology aiming at real-time data masking of production data. DDM changes the data stream so that the data requester does not get access to the sensitive data, while no physical changes to the original production data take place. Both static or dynamic masking techniques are used to ensure that all data security requirements are met, and all data in the databases remains intact.

  • Data can be protected either statically or dynamically.
  • Most of the relational databases and non-relational databases are supported.
  • Mask privacy-sensitive data and get compliant with regulations such as GDPR, PCI and HIPAA.
  • Compliant with GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, IEC 27001
  • Dynamic and static techniques for total obfuscation of sensitive data
  • Pre-defined masking rules
  • Customizable data masking rules
  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • User-friendly web interface and dashboards
  • You can protect sensitive data when giving permissions to third party vendors.
  • No duplicating of database required (with dynamic masking)

Dataspin Database Activity Manager

Dataspin Database Activity Manager is the first line of defence for databases, helping prevent internal and external attacks from reaching the database. It monitors and blocks unauthorized SQL traffic on the network before it comes to the database.

Dataspin Database Activity Manager acts as a firewall and has real-time monitoring and auditing capabilities to report user activity applied for privacy requirements such as “Records of processing activities” and “Right of access”.

Real-time monitoring of user behaviours and changes made to sensitive data can ensure compliance and enhance visibility for sensitive data activity. Dataspin Database Activity Manager can monitor o application users when applications are connected to the database with a single database user.

It has Data Auditing and Database Activity Monitoring features for all SQL or NoSQL databases.

  • Monitors and protects databases and sensitive data
  • Blocks suspicious behaviour (by user or command)
  • Triggers security alerts when an anomaly is detected
  • Export reports optimized for analyzing database alerts and logs within SIEM’s.
  • Monitor database activity enterprise-wide
  • Detect and stop unauthorized data access
  • Continuously assess database vulnerabilities and sensitive data exposure